About Me

get to know who i am


Hey all!

My name is Noorulabdeen Ahmad. (pronounced – Noorulabdeen). 4 Syllables. You’ve got this! I believe in you… even if you don’t!

I was born on May 31st, 1998, (which means I’m 19, still can’t comprehend that) in Montréal, Québec at the Jewish General Hospital.

My parents both grew up in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. My grandparents on the other hand grew up in India, as Pakistan did not exist until the partition of 1947. Some of our extended family is/was Persian/Iranian.

I have a younger brother (my only sibling) who is the exact opposite of me in each and every way (I’m naturally introverted, and he’s naturally extroverted, I was born in the summer, and he was born in the winter, I’m more artistic (I’d like to think that anyway), and he’s more arithmetic/athletic, and so on…)

I’m a dual national (aka CanadianPakistani), and a proud Muslim. Just Muslim (non-denominational for those who are wondering).

My love for technology began at the age of 3 years (that’s when I received my first computer), and became connected to the world wide web at the age of 5 years old. Ultimately, allowing my curiosity to take the lead and to not worry if anything were to go wrong. Pretty much self-taught (or watching YouTube tutorials for anything that I didn’t know and wanted to learn myself, once YouTube started in 2005).

Throughout high school, I changed my mind numerous times before deciding to pursue my post-secondary studies in Journalism at Carleton University. Currently I have completed my 2nd year, (earlier in the year I changed my program from Journalism to Film Studies) At first I wanted to study computer science, then I wanted to study graphic design, (although my parents would only approve of the prior). My mother always wanted me to study law (which is still a possibility, keeping those hopes and dreams alive), but my father wanted me to study engineering.

Eventually, I came to a compromise with my parents (Have to obtain a Masters’ degree in any field). So as long as I were to pursue my studies in a post-secondary institute, my parents are content with me studying anything as long as I become successful (loaded term, so many meanings!!! #deenoverdunya #moneydoesnotgrowontrees)

As for my long term ‘career goals‘ (here’s my entry from LinkedIn, yes, I do actually use LinkedIn)

“My long term goal is to start a Digital Media company with a uniquely human culture, to create an environment where human resource is valued and appreciated. Where the employer and the employees are equals and openness and transparency is always upheld. This firm would also serve to provide a platform to the youth all over the world from which they will be heard, where each and every single individual will receive the opportunity to get their message heard on a global scale and to be taken seriously.

While I am currently studying Film Studies in University, I look forward to doing much more in life than simply working for profit, I look forward to helping make the world a better place (at the very least attempting to do so) by bettering myself first and foremost.

I love networking with like minded individuals and also those who may think very differently than myself. I am always looking to learn, pursuing knowledge inside and outside the classroom, making the most out of life and using every scenario to learn.”

Overall, I try my best to live life positively and to just go with the flow of things, all while striving to be the best version of myself each and every single day.

Fun Facts about me (I think so anyway?):

  • I was born in a Jewish Hospital, into a Muslim family, and I’ve attended a Catholic secondary school.
  • I’ve coauthored a book about Ottawa with the Wingd team which features some of my photography. All at the age of 18!! (wingd.ca/book)
  • I’ve worked full-time on Canada C3’s lead Communications team and was in charge of the website!! Like what? How’d this ever happen? (canadac3.ca)
  • I’ve cohosted a bilingual conference on alternative education, making some great friends! (gyn2017.com)
  • I personally know federal MPs and provincial MPPs (they also follow me on social media, #NEAT)
  • I like to express myself, capture moments, and relive them with others while hopefully contributing to the greater good. Peace. Love. & Unity.